Yorkshire Snooker Handicap Last 16 Results 2022

Bradford’s Adam Tipper wins Yorkshire Snooker Handicap Title.

Bradford’s Adam Tipper emerged victorious after a long day full of controversy, marathon matches and hard to predict results.

Tipper’s first match was a marathon three and a half hour 3-2 victory over previous Yorkshire Handicap Winner Dean Paterson. Elsewhere there were 3-0 victories for Vladislav Gradinari over Michael Whaley, Ben Albone over Samuel Lee-Stevens and Geoff Lord over Dave Boyes. 3-1 was the score line for David Graham over Keith Hartley, Ryan Bailey over Darren Forster and Richard Binns over Ian McFadden. Lee Hague received a bye into the quarter finals.

In the quarter finals Adam Tipper beat David Graham 3-1, Ryan Bailey defeated English under 14 finalist Vladislav Gradinari 3-2 and Geoff Lord overcame Richard Binns 3-1.
The controversy came in the last quarter final between Lee Hague and Ben Albone. Losing 2-1 and staring defeat in the face having left the last 3 colours at the mercy of Hague, Albone proceeded to unscrew his cue and put it into its case. Hague potted blue and pink and then realising what had happened and assuming the match had been conceded offered his hand to his opponent. However, realising his opponent still needed the black to win Albone was reluctant to shake hands until his opponent had potted the final ball. After some debate the ruling by the referee in attendance who had witnessed the incident was that the act of unscrewing the cue and putting it into its case constituted a concession and the match was over at that point.

The semi-finals were something of an anti-climax with Tipper defeating Lee Hague 3-0 and Geoff Lord beating Ryan Bailey by the same score line.

The final was an altogether closer affair with Tipper taking a 2-0 lead before being pegged back to 2-2. Finally, some nine and a half hours after the day commenced Tipper claimed the decider and with it the trophy and 2022 Yorkshire Handicap Title.

Many thanks to the NSC for hosting the event and to referees Julian Bell and Andy Kitson.

David Wilkinson -10 (No show) Lee Hague scr bye
Ben Albone scr 3 V 0 Samuel Lee Stevens (-20)
David Graham -20 3 V 1 Keith Hartley scr
Dean Paterson -10 2 V 3 Adam Tipper -10
Ryan Bailey -20 3 V 1 Darren Forster scr
Vladislav Gradinari -10 3 (64) V 0 Michael Whaley -50
Dave Boyes -10 0 V 3 Geoff Lord scr
Richard Binns -50 3 (65,82) V 1 Ian McFadden scr

Quarter Finals

Lee Hague 3 V 1 Ben Albone
David Graham 1 v 3 Adam Tipper
Ryan Bailey 3 v 2 Vladislav Gradinari
Geoff Lord 3 v 1 Richard Binns


Lee Hague 0 v 3 Adam Tipper
Ryan Bailey 0 v 3 Geoff Lord


Adam Tipper 3 v 2 Geoff Lord

Finalists, Winner Tipper (left) and Lord (right)