First Fixtures Now Completed

Last night was the last remaining game from the first fixtures, this was a rescheduled game from division one Harrogate versus Leeds and would like to thank both captains for a swift rescheduled match.

We are hoping to try and keep the fixture dates best we can for a smooth running season, if for some unforeseen reason you are forced to cancel a fixture please rearrange this as soon as possible.

As the season progresses you will see how a lot of things will pan out, individual player statistic lists will separate the most wins at the top and lowest at the bottom, you can see the win formula HERE 

High snooker break lists is now taking shape and leading the division one list is Josh Walker from Bradford setting a very high target with a superb 129 total clearance, In division two Richard Pamment from Wakefield 1 leads the way with a solid entry of 80.

Two outstanding breaks and we can’t wait to see the list expand as the season progresses.

A good tip when searching a long list of names on the break board is using the search function found on each high break list just start typing the name and it will filter out showing the searched result.






Each name on the list is clickable sending you to their own profile page.

The league tables are taking shape with Bradford 1 at the top of division one with Wakefield 1 leading the way in division two, very early days yet but good start to the season.

Finally just another shout out to players, i would like images for your profiles so if you would like a picture in your profile page please email me one at

Thanks and well done to all captains