Inter-District League

This season see’s us using a new score-sheet found in our “forms tab” its very easy to follow and if captains can ensure all details are recorded we should have lots of information for people to read, it’s vital we have updated tables come last few matches and now with statistics and break boards it should be a challenging season for all involved.

Season starts weekend of the 6th / 7th October 2018, all fixtures are down as a Saturday on the site but we all know it’s to be played that weekend meaning Sundays included.

So many times in the past players make multiple breaks above 50 in a match and only the highest ever gets recorded on the sheet, well this season we want all breaks of 50 and above recorded on the sheet for us to compile a break board which can be found HERE

It would be nice to see who is the inform player also seeing how many breaks he has complied and to see if he has any chasers to take the top spot, lets remember this season holds prizes for the highest breaks!

And just to clarify there will be a high break prize per division, it’s not a combined divisions list.

Frame scores are also a must so is players FULL names, so please can all captains on the night fill the sheet in correctly making sure both sides have entered forename and surnames for our records and lists.

I would prefer if both away and home captain or team player could take a picture of the final score-sheet and either email us or WhatsApp it both a free option to send.

Here is a few tips and guides for you to navigate around this site making it easier for us all, mobile view is a different look but again very simple to navigate around for those people with smart phones you will see how simple this is.

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