Yorkshire Handicap Championship 2019 Finals Day

Yorkshire Snooker Handicap last 16 onwards Final stages
Saturday 16th March 2019
10.00am for 10.30am start


Click HERE for list of qualifiers

Corner Pockets, Rotherham
S63 6DF

No jeans, trainers or T-shirt’s.
Preferred is trousers, shoes, polo shirt or shirt with collar

– Initially there will be 4 groups of 4, drawn randomly on the day, playing full 3 frames per match
– Top 2 from each group qualifying for Quarter Finals where prize money will kick in.
– All frames in all matches in the group stages must be played to respect the competition and all players taking part. Any player leaving the venue without fulfilling all their group matches will be subject for discussion at a Yorkshire Association meeting with a view this could result in a possible 1 year ban (Please avoid this as we really don’t want to ban anyone)!
– Quarter Finals will be best of 5 frames straight knockout. The line ups for these will be pre-determined before groups start and will not be divulged until all group stage matches have been completed, this ensuring there are no manipulations of matches. Referees/TD the only ones party to this information
– semi-finals will be drawn at random from the 4 remaining players, these also best of 5 frames
– final will be played on this day best of 7 frames as well

Prize money will be paid out to all players who make quarter finals, this includes losing quarter finalists, losing semi-finalists, runner up and winner. The trophy will be presented to the winner at the end of season presentation night at the Northern Snooker Centre.

Good luck to all