Festive Period


Both divisions still have some outstanding matches which was postponed, now although we can appreciate sometimes these are impossible to predict and prevent i urge you all to try and arrange and for-fill the fixture sets sooner rather than later.

The problem been with past seasons some teams postpone matches due to unavoidable circumstances and tend to leave them to re-arrange too close to the end date and then struggle to fit them in, if you can try and work together with each-other and arrange these on a free weekend that would help us keep a updated table and a clear standing come to the end of the fixtures.

Christmas is approaching fast and soon after the 2019 New year will commence, Division two has quite a large gap for their next game weekend of Jan 19th 2019 so that gives any teams with any outstanding matches quite a large scope to work on 🙂

Division one next fixture set starts early January so soon as you can guys lets have these fixtures up-to date.

I am sure we all want to see all games played so we know how the divisions stands and the new M.V.P statistics tables.

Brad Burrows of Castleford 2 is looking consistent at the top of division two M.V.P statistics having played all matches it just shows you how important it is to try and play as many as you can, many a chasers and can’t afford any slip ups who will prevail?

Mike Henson of newly promoted Rotherham is determined to hold division one M.V.P top spot having been there pretty much from the start hes the man to beat.

Josh Walker of Bradford 1 still holding top spot in division one high breaks a superb 129 with Richard Pamment with his 80 break contribution still the highest in division two so no movement there.

Decembers Yorkshire Handicap Qualifier 1 was cancelled not knowing there was a clash of events and most people electing to play in the other later qualifiers, lets remember guys without your entries these competitions wont exist so lets support them.

The Handicap events are for all abilities its proven in the past that the very top players in our region have their hands full, so think your not good enough and not a better player than maybe a practice partner of yours, then think again handicaps are fairly distributed based on ability and you will find yourself on a even par.

Get your names down!! ENTRY FORM

Yorkshire Billiards Championship the latest event added to our list,  see full competition list and event information HERE

Finally from myself and all the ybsa committee we would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year