Third Fixtures Now Completed


Baring a unavoidable postponement from division two against Castleford 1 versus Bradford 2 both divisions have now completed fixture 3 matches which is superb well done all.

Division one sides have already completed fixtures 4 with more fixtures than division two their dates will be different somewhat.

Rotherhams Mike Henson is leading division one player statistics with some close chasers not too far behind, In division two statistics Castleford 2 Brad Burrows stays on top but again one bad game can change the whole list, perfect just what we wanted and expected players playing for something.

High break board is stretched again with a couple of entries over the 50 mark with the highest been a superb 75 from Wakefield 1 Chris Edley.

I will keep reminding people about this because it’s very important we have it done correctly

I would like to remind all captains or representatives whether your playing home or away it doesn’t hurt to take a picture and email it in, also that its important that the scoresheets are fully completed with frame scores and full player names.

If i could pay your attention to a competition date change, Yorkshire Handicap 1st Qualifier as now changed from Saturday 8th Dec 2018 to the Sunday 9th Dec 2018,  you can see the full list of events HERE

Keep up the good work everyone and remember its better to play games in-advance rather than struggle come end of season, Think ahead!